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The cost of College has become Expensive…really…Really…EXPENSIVE!

It’s critically important to know YOUR numbers so you can separate fact from fiction when it comes to college affordability!

You should know YOUR numbers as early as possible! Waiting to file the FAFSA to get YOUR numbers is YEARS too late!

You CAN send your child to college without going broke…with a STRATEGIC PLAN in place!


  1. Click on the blue button below to complete the fact finder
  2. Each of the questions has an impact on the amount you’ll be expected to pay for college as well as the opportunities that may exist for you to reduce your out-of-pocket college costs.
  3. Submit the fact finder and your customized college-planning report will be immediately emailed to you.
  4. Use the actionable information in your customized report to make well-informed college planning and funding decisions
  5. Want professional help? Contact Your College Planning Coach at 703.928.9036 to schedule a free college-planning consultation and learn how we can help you achieve a great outcome for your child AND your finances!

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