Happy customers.

“Learning the financial cost between public and private can be very close no matter what the sticker price shows.”

IA, Oakton, VA


“We truly sleep better at night knowing we have someone we can trust to coach us through several more years of college planning and many more years of retirement planning.”

M&S, Centreville


“I realized there are options I really didn’t think I would qualify for due to high income!”

AB, Reston, VA


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I don’t make any financial moves without seeking Luanne’s guidance.

"Believe it or not, my least worry when dealing with my children’s college process was the financial aid implications. Was I ever wrong! Despite both parents having doctoral degrees, Luanne’s coaching and expertise superseded every aspect of collegial financial planning. Luanne simplified the complex process by educating us on the current mandates to maximize the aid for both of our children. She “gently insisted” our daughter take The Birkman Fit 2 Flourish personality assessment and career profile at the end of 10th grade. Our Hannah, who thought she already knew what she wanted to major in, identified the college major, career path and school environment that would be ideal for her. She is flourishing at school and is a very happy student! The added bonus to working with Luanne is her financial expertise in educating me on how to secure my financial security. Not only is she my children’s College Coach, she is our Financial Coach. I don’t make any financial moves without seeking her guidance. I recommend her highly and refer her often to my friends and patients."

Teresa D. PhD


Lessons Learned:

“FAFSA, Work Study, choose schools that fit the degree and choose a degree with job growth!”


KH, Haymarket, VA

“Applying for FAFSA no matter what my income!”


LS, Bristow, VA

“The “secret sauce formula” and explanation of FAFSA and CSS Profile.”


Profile GP, Stafford, VA

“I first met Luanne approximately 6 years ago. A dear friend of mine had attended one of her seminars and was very impressed with her knowledge and wealth of information. My daughter is in her second year of college and Luanne has guided us in the right direction in filling out the FAFSA application. Luanne advised us that the UGMA account we had started for our daughter was going to be a disadvantage for financial aid to be given. She is very honest and knows the ins and outs of the application process and how to get what you deserve.”

Val R., Manassas

“Being the first generation to go to college was a daunting thought for not only me, but my parents. They hadn’t planned as well as they could have due to inexperience and didn’t know what to expect in regards to the financial aspect of college. At the reference of a college application counselor, my mother and I went to Ms. Lee for a consultation and we were thoroughly impressed. Going over the FAFSA, CSS Profile as well as other financial obligations and college plans with Ms. Lee, my parents were able to save thousands through grants and loans that we would not have been able to receive had it not been for Ms. Lee’s advice and expertise. With my brother heading to college in a couple of years, my parents are continuing to work with Ms. Lee. We are all very happy with the service Ms. Lee provides and couldn’t be more thankful.”

Michelle, Fairfax
Student University of Pittsburgh

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