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Making College Affordable One Family at a time…

At Your College Planning Coach we use a structured approach to help parents accomplish their goals for their student’s college education – without having to sacrifice their own retirement in the process!

Just because your student is leaving the nest does not mean they have to take your nest egg with them!

Uncover the myths and misconceptions of Financial Aid, Scholarships, and today’s very complex college planning process.


Hi, I’m Luanne…Your College Planning Coach

I’m a parent just like you that faced the overwhelming task of planning how to pay for college. We have two grown children and now several beautiful grandchildren.

After a career in Financial Services, I decided to focus on the specialty of College Planning and Funding when I saw how student loan debt was hampering so many parents and students from reaching their retirement goals.

I’m here to providing you and your family the financial education you need and give you efficient solutions to maneuver through the complex process of planning and funding for college.

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